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Another Gold Medal for Champagne Vollereaux




  Another Gold medal awarded to Champagne Vollereaux and its Brut Reserve NV at the International Wine Contest in   Bucharest 2017 !

New Gold medal for our Rosé de Saignée Brut NV !


 What a great accomplishment for our Rosé de Saignée Brut NV this year!
After winning a tender in the Finnish monopoly to get a national distribution in Finland, our Rosé is freshly rewarded by a Gold medal at the Mondial de Bruxelles 2016 Competition.

 This great award adds up to the gold medal received a few weeks ago by our Blanc de Blancs Brut NV and follows the Gold medal received by our Brut Reserve NV last year at the same competition.


 To another opportunity to celebrate with the award winning Champagne Vollereaux !

New GOLD medal at Best Chardonnay of the World 2016 tasting !


 For the second straight year, our Champagne Vollereaux Blanc de Blancs Brut NV wins a GOLD medal at the famous Best Chardonnay of the World tasting !


 More than a great award, it shows the consistency in our work in order to offer the highest quality over the years.


 Cheers to this great champagne !


New great score at Wine Spectator Magazine



  Another Champagne Vollereaux tasted and reviewed by the Wine Spectator Magazine and another great score !

  92 points for the Champagne Vollereaux Blanc de Blancs Vintage 2006.


 ¨Spiced and creamy, this mouthwatering Champagne layers flavors of yellow plum and glazed apricot fruit

  with accents of grilled nut, brioche, lemon curd and a streak of smoke-tinged mineral.

  Well-knit and refined, with a lingering finish of ripe fruit.¨


TASTED Magazine : Great scores for Champagne Vollereaux



  Great scores from Tasted Magazine and Andreas Larsson (Best Sommelier of the World) for our Champagne Vollereaux Blanc de   Blancs Brut NV and our Rosé de Saignée Brut NV.


  They both get 87/100


  Andreas Larsson inovates by recording the tastings live.


 Here are the videos :

  Rosé de Saignée :
  Blanc de Blancs :

Discover our new Champagne Vollereaux Brut Tradition Vintage 2009





The "Cuvée" Tradition is back in the Champagne Vollereaux range with a new vintage : 2009


The robe is light yellow, bright, with golden glimmers. Fine bubbles feed a nice mousse collar of beautiful whiteness.

The nose is expressive, offering aromas of ripe fruits (sweet apricot) and dried fruits (dried fig and hazelnut). 
With aeration, it opens up on spicy notes of white pepper and pink bays.


The attack, clean and pure, quickly gives way to the expressive structure.
The mouth is faithful to the nose. It carries aromas of fresh hazelnut and goes on with some honeyed notes.


This well balanced vintage will accompany with delights a foie gras with figs or truffle based dishes.