An exceptional


An extended, parcelled
and pampered vineyard

since 1805

Vollereaux owns nearly 100 acres of vineyards. These vineyards are located on the Coteaux Sud (southern flanks) of Epernay in the Marne Valley in the following communes: Brugny Vaudancourt, Chavot Courcourt, Epernay, Monthelon, Moussy, Pierry, Sézanne, Vinay, Blesmes, Brasles, Château-Thierry, Chézy-sur Marne and Essomes-sur-Marne. The Pierry vineyard is rated Premier Cru. The mix of varietals planed in Vollereaux’s vineyards is 50% Chardonnay, 30% Pinot Noir and 20% Meunier. The orientation of the vineyards give the vines maximum sun exposure throughout the year. The soil has a constant moisture level thanks to its clay-limestone content. It retains the sun’s heat, enabling the full expression of the varietals.

A centuries-old know-how

that listens to time

Working and “reading” the grapevines, the sensitivity and precision of blending, the pleasure of tasting… an array of activities that punctuate the year, along with harvesting, one of the most important tasks. The Vollereaux family have always been harvesters and they are especially vigilant when it comes to caring for their grapes and respecting the natural balance. Picking raw ingredients of the highest quality is crucial to the production of Vollereaux champagnes and a contributor to their uniqueness. During the grape harvest, the champagne house uses all the available technical methods and resources that enable it to preserve the natural specificity of the terroirs and must from pressing. To maintain this specificity and diversity, the Vollereaux family has chosen to combine tradition with modernity by employing two modern presses and one traditional press.

Our vat house

The vat house consists entirely in temperature-controlled stainless steel vats — small- and medium-sized, but in large quantities — to separate the juices of grapes from different terroirs and thus blend the different clear wines. This system and these methods mean that the style and hallmark of Vollereaux champagne can be found in its range of wines each year.

The distinctiveness of Vollereaux champagnes comes from the house’s rich terroirs, as well as from the work of Franck Vollereaux who, each year, engages in meticulous blending. It is a true ritual that occupies Franck’s mind and the whole company at the end of the winter. It is the moment of choices. This is the stage when decisions are made about the composition of the wines destined to be served at tables around the world. Guided by his experience, his instinct and the ancestral know-how inherited from past generations, Franck creates the Vollereaux blends.


of winemaking

The winemaking process continues with bottling and cellaring. During this phase, the bottles benefit from the cool, dark and mysterious ambiance of the house’s two-hundred-year-old cellars. Along the many halls carved out of the chalky earth, the firmly capped bottles are stacked and stabilized on wooden slats. Over the years, the yeast will do its work and produce bubbles. Fermentation occurs slowly in this silent sanctuary


Champagne Vollereaux

Maison de champagne familiale située à Pierry près Epernay : ses cuvées, son domaine et ses prestations.


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Champagne Vollereaux

Maison de champagne familiale située à Pierry près Epernay : ses cuvées, son domaine et ses prestations.


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